Otium Olla 100

The higher the pot, the wider it is. Plants that love a little space feel great in the metre-high OLLA. The OLLA 100 is the perfect eyecatcher.

Otium Olla100 is a double walled polyethylene pot of high quality. The Olla100 with his great size and strength ideal for heavy planting. Otium drainage system ensures that there is adequate drainage for the plants. When planting inside the drainage system can be closed by using the supplied screw cap with rubber seal.

Inside70 cm64 cm44 cm163 L
Outside100 cm80 cm50 cm

Otium Linea 40

Slim and refined, LINEA 40 offers an infinite range of possibilities and can be seamlessly combined with its larger cousin LINEA 100.
Wheels can be attached to LINEA 40 in the blink of an eye for quick and efficient moving.

Otium Murus 90

Wide enough to build your own mini-jungle. Indeed, when you choose high plants, the Murus 90 makes the perfect stylish partition.

Otium Linea 100

LINEA 100 is the perfect room divider: sleek and stable for outdoors, yet suitable for every high-end setting thanks to its refined lines.
Wheels can be attached to LINEA 100 in the blink of an eye for quick and efficient moving, despite its size.