Otium Pendulum Square

Solid, square and robust, but not hard or sharp. Thanks to its rounded corners the Pendulum Square has a soft look. Tough, but still a cookie.

The Otium PENDULUM is a high quality single walled polyethylene railing planter. The planter is provided with a security system to prevent the planter falling of the railing.

The PENDULUM railing planter is an aesthetic solution for a spatial problem: How can we bring nature close in the limited space of a balcony. We also wanted a solution for creating extra privacy on the terrace.

The PENDULUM railing planter provides the answers. Using rotational-moulded, durable, recyclable and impact-resistant polypropylene, we have designed an atypical and switchable asymmetrical shape in a generous size for creating a plant landscape. By combining the two dimensions, the flower pots can be placed in a variety of arrangements in order to give the balcony a contemporary and personal finish. The PENDULUM planters can also be placed on the ground.

We came up with an additional volume as a herb container for an urban garden environment and drainage to avoid suffocation of the roots.

Pendulum designed by Maxime Szyf

Inside39 cm36 cm31 cm44 L
Outside39 cm42 cm37 cm

Otium Linea 100

LINEA 100 is the perfect room divider: sleek and stable for outdoors, yet suitable for every high-end setting thanks to its refined lines.
Wheels can be attached to LINEA 100 in the blink of an eye for quick and efficient moving, despite its size.

Otium Olla Table Herba

Are you more into plants than into champagne? Then you can opt for the Olla Table Herbas and fill the special pot with your favourite plants. The broad wooden edge puts them even more in the spotlight and gives you support while you maintain the plants.

Otium Olla 70

The OLLA branch of the family offers endless choices. The OLLA 70 is the slightly longer version, making it the perfect companion. Because every little sister needs a big brother.