Otium has a simple mission: to give things a new, long life with an attractive design. That new life takes shape in flower pots and planters – our showpieces – but our materials equally lend themselves to making other beautiful things too, such as tables for toasting in style, with an inner ‘bucket’ for chilling bottles – let those corks pop! Or cubes and cylinders to sit on, to place something on, or to use for storage.


Otium products are versatile and strong: dimensionally stable, unbreakable, and UV- and frost-resistant. Ideal for placing in the sun, or just indoors: wherever you want to enjoy your plants and flowers.

But you can know that Otium allows nature to thrive. The air layer between the two walls protects roots from frost and stops them from drying out, while the drainage system prevents wet feet – those of your plants, not yours!


You have a choice of materials: Recycled, composite made from 95% discarded synthetic corks and 5% real cork from discarded scraps or New, ‘virgin’ plastic with a long life and suitable for recycling.

Our recycled Otium products are available in 7 colours with very natural looks; while our virgin plastics come in 3 classic shades.


Okay, there’s no magic involved, but our production process is innovative to say the least. Just like that:

Cork is harvested from the bark of the cork oak tree. This natural product is used to make wine corks, among other things, and some cork is always lost in the process. We grind these scraps into a powder: the first raw material of our Otium products.

There are also synthetic corks. A certain amount is always discarded in the production of these bottle closures. The discarded corks are the basis for our second raw material.

The corks are coarsely shredded into granules, then processed into pellets and finally ground into a fine powder.