Mensa is small but stylish and the perfect size for plant pots. Buy a whole bunch of them at once and brighten up your home or workplace. Mensa likes to be in the company of green lovers.


The sleek Murus is ideally suited to brightening up your walls. Place a few of them side by side and you'll create a half-height wall in no time. Great if you like privacy or a (plant-)friendly atmosphere.


Lignum subtly steals the show with its tactile design: smooth contrasting with rough. A quirky model that finds a home equally well in chic and casual settings - both indoors and out.


Sleek and ravishing, a stylish eye-catcher @home or @work. Add a touch of touch to your greenery with Linea. Place a few slim beauties side by side and you have the perfect room divider.


Atypical, assymmetrical and appetising - the three code words of the Pendulum balustrade flower box. Ideal for flowers and herbs on your balcony ... and to keep prying eyes off your patio.


Amphora is as graceful as a vase, yet as sturdy as the sturdiest planter. A picture when you fill them with trailing or tall plants. And even better in a series of two, three ... as many as you like.


This understated beauty was given rounded corners to soften the simple basic shape. Discreet, but never overlooked. The perfect companion for understated interiors and outdoor spaces.


Ooh la la, Olla! The flower pot in its most essential form, yet exuding character. This must-have shows that less is often more. Although it truly shines in groups of two or three in different colours.


Outgrown: that's the least you can say about Citta, the largest member of the Otium family. You can put a tree (or trees) in this one. Great for adding a touch of green to streets and squares. It also makes a good impression in an XL loft or in the office.


This flower pot takes things higher and fancies itself as a table. One that you can fill in the centre with ice - let the champagne corks pop! Prefer to keep things sober? The Olla Table also serves simply as a flowerpot with a tall table to lean on.


This cube is a great spot to take a breather. It's also useful as a coffee table or for displaying accessories. A versatile object that nicely complements the Otium pot collection, but also looks great on its own. Available with cedar inlay.


The sister product of Cubus. Same approach, but with a softer design. Start thinking now about what you're going to put in the handy storage space. Cylindrus is equally happy standing indoors or outdoors - anywhere she can do what she does best.


A seating area also needs a table and Basso fulfils that task with verve. Place a few of Cubus or Cylindrus around it, and gather your friends for a chat late into the night. Alse serves as a large pouffe with storage space or as an oversized flower box.


We'll admit, a water butt is not sexy. Still, this little model stands out from the crowd. Rainsaver captures a large volume of rainwater. Unlike many of her 'peers', however, she looks pretty too.